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About AlbanySWAP

Ever have that “EUREKA!” moment? You know, that rare chance when things just seem to align and everything makes sense. It makes for a great story, but that’s not our story. With the rising price of tuition and textbooks, and the university and economy not doing us any favors, we decided it was time to fight back. It wasn’t just a moment of genius but rather a large collection of moments where hard work and deep thought occurred. AlbanySWAP is the brainchild of necessity; this site was created by UAlbany students for UAlbany students. Use it. Enjoy it. And help make college affordable again.

Open Positions (accepting applications)
-Web Design/Coding
-Graphic Design
-Social Media

Interested in joining the AlbanySWAP team?
Want to gain experience and build your resume?
Send your resume and desired position to Scott@albanyswap.com
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